Shaping the Future Retail Customer Experience

Project role: Brainstorming, Service Design, Storyboarding, Low-Fi Prototyping, Illustration, Storytelling. Duration: Two weeks. Location:  New York and Stockholm, 2015

The goal of this project was to promote opportunities to utilize technology in the Customer Experience of a large cosmetics brand. Focusing on RFID technology, we created a number of concepts to create value through the loyalty program for the brand and the end user. The project was done in collaboration with Veryday. The core team consisted of Erik Ceder, Jakob Boije and Chris Bilsland and myself.

A smart accessory that the member of the loyalty program receives unlocks digital online and in-store experiences. It provides access to the user’s personal profile, where in-store activity and make-up tutorials are stored. The pendant also works as an element of storytelling, that spreads awareness on the loyalty program to the customer’s social circle.
Various opportunities were explored regarding the value of the accessory within its ecosystem of use. First, it enhances the offering of the loyalty program and creates a desirable connection to the customer. Then, it acts as a key to the customer’s personal data, to customize the experience through different channels of interaction. Last, it provides quick access to previous in-store and online activity, for quick retrieval of products and product tutorials.
The context of use of the pendant is described in a journey map. Through push notifications, easy login on the desktop and in-store identification, the accessory allows the user the become aware of new products, choose recommendations based on her preferences and receive personalized advice from staff when reaching the store. Additionally, the customer can use the pendant to pay for her transactions, access her history and enter VIP events for loyalty members.

For the presentation of the concept, we created a booklet, that provided a thorough overview of the opportunities, our competence and technical requirements for the project’s realization.
Additionally, we created an animation of a user scenario, where we highlighted the customer’s interactions with the ecosystem, with the use of the smart reward gadget.
In the animation, we displayed quick wireframes as conceptual evidence for the different channels the gadget gives access to.