Application to support the collaboration between parents and pediatric dentists. Project under development.


My initial role was to deliver a full UX and UI solution to take the product to market. To initiate the project I received a working prototype for Android created by the developers. Together with the client, we set the objectives and the final goals of the digital product. I created a prototype in Invision, that demonstrates an improved concept for the UX flows. The developers communicated the limitations, which allowed me to iterate and deliver the final screens.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to create a tool that helps dentists monitor the children’s sugar intake. The product’s life span is four days up to a week, after which it becomes inactive. The product will eventually be designed both for Android and iOS. The developers started developing for Android, so I used Material Design to target most available devices. For the next steps we are setting a service strategy and planning the back end infrastructure.