Interior design concept for a classroom in a Swedish high-school to encourage digital engagement.

Team member: Matilda Legeby

The community of Umeå contacted us to work on a project for Dragonskolan, a local high-school. In the recently renovated hall, there was a room that was temporarily used as a storage for books. The Research and Development department of the school was asking us to present a concept of how this room could be used as an un-conventional classroom, that would help the students feel comfortable with digital media. At the same time, their vision was to create a multi-purpose room, where tutoring, lectures, as well as self-study could be conducted. The room would be available to be used by the students on free hours and individuality, sustainability and creativity would encouraged.

Initially, we looked into innovative educational spaces around the world, as well as at design offices such as Google and Pixar, but also scanned through literature concerning digital learning and alternative methods of education. On the next stage, we created concepts, both extraordinary and conventional and called design students to evaluate them. As we decided to design a fully flexible space, free of permanent installations in the background, but with adequate technological equipment/gadgets to serve the need of the room, we realized we have to collect a number of different pieces of furniture and, in some cases, design our own. Moreover, we suggested the projection of a tweet wall at the front entrance of the room, to inform the students about lectures and let them express their mood or intention within the room.

Final renders

Images from our visit to the school, the recently renovated hall and the room.