Kallirroi Pouliadou

Hello. I am an Interaction Designer with an MFA from Umeå Institute of Design.

I work as a User Experience Designer at North Kingdom in Stockholm, Sweden. Our focus is on products for digital experience. Some of our clients are Google, Disney and King. Check out our team’s website here.

I recently returned to Sweden after a year at Veryday in NYC, where I was working as a User Experience Designer within our Service Design team. Our focus was on Healthcare, creating support programs for chronic diseases globally and in individual markets. I worked in a wide spectrum of the Design Process, exploring concepts on early stages, to UX Research and Product Design. Prior to this experience I spent almost a year in Stockholm, six months in Amsterdam and a year and a half in London. Working as a freelancer and as a consultant made me understand my strengths and where my interests really lie.

My vision is to combine technology with how people learn. In my current role I aim to create value for customers and end users, explore what makes people engaged with services and create loyalty with compelling interactions.

My goal in life is to make a positive contribution to the world around me through Design. I also love spending time with friends, attending concerts, exercising, cooking, reading, traveling.

If you would like to meet me you can contact me at kalli.pouliadou@gmail.com, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. To have a better look at my background, you can download my CV.